Johud Consulting (GGI Jordan)

Audit , Tax  , Financial Advisory


ohud Consultating , is a Jordanian institution specialized in the accounting,Audit, and consulting fields, where we provide audit service, income tax consultancy services, sales, internal auditing, accounting services, designing internal control systems, and providing accounting programs and warehouses for all facilities.

basilimagesJohud Consulting is managed by Mr. Basil Abu Sultaneh (Certified Public Accountant) since 2013, who has extensive experience in the field of income and sales tax, auditing accounts and accounting information systems, as he solved major tax problems that were troubling their owners in a fair professional manner, in addition to his great experience in the field of training The accountant has provided many specialized training courses in the field of accounting, tax and auditing over many years, and his experience in the field of accounting and tax training is estimated at more than (5000) training hours.

Johud for accounting and tax services raises the slogan (we have experience and do our best), hence the name of the institution (JOHUD), where we believe that a professional will not achieve satisfactory results unless he possesses sufficient experience to perform his work and strives to accomplish his work, experience alone is not sufficient if Professional neglected his work.

Why to Choose Johud Consulting Establishment

  • Johud enjoys a wide and excellent professional reputation, which it has built during its career since its establishment, thanks to the high professionalism and the quality of the distinguished services it provides to its clients.whychoseus
  • Qualified and committed staff, with a low employee turnover.
  • Johud and Mr. Basel Sultana enjoy a wide professional fame, especially in the field of auditing and tax consulting. Mr. Sultana has been recently elected as Chairman of the Tax Committee at the Jordanian Association of Certified Public Accountants, after he had gained the confidence of his colleagues at the Association of Certified Public Accountants to assume the tasks of that committee which holds great importance in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan .This came as a result of their confidence in Mr. Sultana’s specialized knowledge in the Jordanian Income and Sales Tax Law.
  • Commitment to provide the contracted services with the best desired results.
  • The Jordanian market's confidence in Johudhas increased as a result of the rapidly-achieved expansion and the wide client network that helped us grow more.
  • During the past years,Johud has lost only a very small number of its clients, as Johud has only terminated its contracts with 4 clients in return for contracting with more than 160 new clients.