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The accounting profession is not only limited to recording the daily financial operations of sales, purchases, expenses and others, but rather there must be a body that monitors the validity of the registration of these financial operations, as the internal audit function aims to provide reasonable assurance about the correctness and improvement of accounting work and add value to the financial operations and The internal audit also helps the facility achieve its goals through the application of automated and disciplined methods in order to develop and evaluate the various activities of the department, which ultimately leads to the development of a clear mechanism to control all the procedures followed within the facility.</p>
<p style="direction: ltr;">It is known that activating the role of internal audit in the facility is a type of administrative discipline, so that the employee's feeling that there is someone who will follow up his work makes him improve and develop his work and try not to make a mistake as much as possible and not to violate any of the instructions imposed by the administration, either The absence of the role of internal audit reinforces the spirit of neglect, decline in the level of work, violation of management policies and waste, God forbid.</p>
<p style="direction: ltr;">We are in an effort for accounting and tax services. We provide internal audit services through periodic visits to the facility, through which we study the soundness of the financial procedures followed in the facility, assess their risks, address the gaps if any, arrange the organizational structure in the facility and set the powers, tasks, responsibilities and duties For each employee, review the form of the documents used and develop them for the better, and review the financial operations in a professional and periodic manner, and all of this is at the lowest costs for the facility, as many facilities cannot appoint an employee to perform the internal audit function because of the high cost due to the necessity of providing expertise In that employee, we are in an effort for accounting and tax services to bear this responsibility.